Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sop-mobile push- Sop I4S quad core new machine

Sop-mobile push- Sop I4S quad core new machine  
Because it has SOP, TETC, startups like, intellectual amber, Friends Cinda five brands in the country little known physical channels Cyber Yu Hua has recently introduced a new quad-core machine, the machine's a wish for the new product, model for the new Imagination I4S. NWS also Sop I4S Cyber Yu Hua Group's first 5-inch screen thousand Yuan Quad-core smartphone, the current machine has been in the domestic market, the price is only 899 yuan.

   New Creators I4S with a common straight body, corners slightly curved, textured metal frame and beveled handle allows the aircraft to join the side a bit more unique place, the whole look or have their own style. I4S's body size is 146 * 75 * 9.9mm, stylish white and deep blue two different body colors, blue version of the fuselage also has a transverse drawing lines, more beautiful.

   New Creators I4S using the popular quad-core platform +5 inch screen combination, the aircraft equipped with MTK MT6589 quad-core processor, can support WCDMA + GSM dual sim dual standby, equipped with a 5-inch display screen with a resolution of 960 * 540 for the qHD level. Camera's specifications are also higher, using pre 2,000,000 + rear 8MP combination with LED fill light support. However, there are some small regret terms of memory, the machine runs memory is only 512M, with 4G of internal storage space, 1G +4 G is now the standard quad-core configuration, 512M memory on a struggle.
  Creators I4S new aspects of life built with a capacity of 2300 mAh removable battery, runs Android 4.2 version of the system, and the aircraft in addition to support GPS, FM, WIFI and other functions, it can also support Bluetooth 4.0.
   Overall, the biggest machine running memory is flawed, if they can reach 1G of RAM competitiveness will be greatly enhanced, as the price of 899 yuan will attract more people's attention.

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