Thursday, May 30, 2013

6000 mA battery? innos D10 will shock you

 6000 mA battery? innos D10 will shock you
  Currently quad-core smartphone generally in the 2500-3000 mAh battery capacity left, so when the fuselage with a 4000 mA battery is only 9.9 mm Lenovo P780 turned out when we can not help but be surprised, but some time ago already intimated the innos D10 on the battery capacity was not more so. This from innos phone will be equipped with the latest products to build four nuclear platform, carrying large capacity battery for the new machine once again attracting people's attention.
innos D10

   According to official sources the latest news shows, innos D10 will have a monster 6000 mAh battery capacity, once again broke the record of D9, with a higher density safer lithium polymer battery, in addition to 3000 mA capacity version can be optional. With only large-capacity battery long standby want to achieve the desired effect is definitely not enough, innos D10 will be equipped with its own IQC fast charge technology, charging speed improved 48% than the average charge; and will built their own power-saving software, is also worth concerned, innos D10 also uses IPS + LTPS (low temperature polysilicon) dual technology to achieve more power saving effect.
   Core hardware aspects of the aircraft did not use to be recognized by the industry's low-power quad-core program MTK6589, but chose MSM8625, this is confusing, it may be considered for the network standard, in addition to D10 is also equipped with a 5-inch display screen, OGS touch all fit with HD level display resolution 1280 * 720, as for the rest of the specification has not yet officially announced.
   As smart phones increasingly high playability, the battery size is undoubtedly the purchase the user starts the object of focus, 6000 milliamperes large capacity battery coupled with energy-saving technology, innos D10 does have a long standby products potential.