Thursday, May 23, 2013

May be cross-border products ,Verne V8 ‘s configuration finalized

May be cross-border products ,Verne V8 ‘s configuration finalized
Platinum Communications Technology Shenzhen Mindray's Verne VOWNEY phone brand into the line of sight of the time everyone is not very long, but good value for money on their own products have been a minor celebrity, its first quad-core smartphone Verne V5 will be the Buy officially opened May 27, 899 yuan price with good competitiveness. Verne phone from official sources announced the news, Verne the next generation of mobile products put on the agenda, it is learned new product model Verne V8, and the configuration of the aircraft that has been established.
With map: Verne V5

   According to the sources announced the news show, Verne V8 internal model may have a large screen features, specifically what size yet to be announced, but it will be a V8 revealed Verne "cross product" does not exclude new machine may have more than six inches giant screen. As for the rest of the message is still confidential, it is certain that Verne V8 equipped with quad-core platform is a must, as is the same as the specific and V5 MTK6589 four of its nuclear program, or other station is still unknown.
   And about 5 inches screen products, more than 6 inches big screen quad-core products the country is still a small minority, you can see more and more manufacturers have begun turning to large-screen products, V5 has given netizens listing leaving a "cost-effective" impression, Verne V8 will still have to wait along with highly competitive seen.

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