Sunday, May 19, 2013

MeituKiss phone released,very awesome

MeituKiss phone released,very awesome
MeituKiss launch of the last few days of wide public concern self-smartphone-MeituKiss been officially released, this conference is more interesting is served by Kai-fu Lee, Xue Manzi and Mito chairman Cai Wensheng celebrities draw guests. As the conference ended, the phone sells MeituKiss message also formally announced, MeituKiss phone is not rumors before 3000, but 2199 yuan, will be 8:00 tonight (16) to reserve the first batch of limited 18,888 units.
美图MeituKiss 1
Dual 800-megapixel camera + automatically beauty
Compared to other self-timer smart phone, the phone's front MeituKiss 8,000,000 + rear 8-megapixel dual high-definition cameras in particular were concerned about the front-facing camera is Sony's second-generation back-illuminated, F/2.2 aperture, 5-layer a special lens and AF auto focus, using Fujitsu's the IPS chip noise reduction capabilities and superior low light conditions still can get better self-timer. Self-smartphone as the flagship high-Jing beauty, only powerful camera hardware is clearly not enough, MeituKiss phone will be equipped with Mito Xiu Xiu's own smart beauty technology, to achieve 1-7 beauty regulator, the skin , fade dark circles, Clear Eye, shiny lips, eliminate the portrait defects portrait beauty intelligent completion and can be real-time preview, rely on image processing portraits beautify famous beauties Xiu Xiu beauty technology, I believe that many users 'm looking forward to.
美图MeituKiss 2
MTK6589 quad-core processor + stylish appearance
The really remarkable the photo Meitukiss phone In addition, the core hardware of the machine to be called mainstream, equipped with a the MTK MT6589 quad-core low-power processor, supports W + G dual card dual standby, Built-in 1G RAM +8 G ROM of memory. Equipped with 4.5-inch IPS wide fit screen resolution of HD level 1280 * 720,1800 mAh battery, run custom Android 4.2 system. However, the sensor supports only the light from the gravity sensor.
The appearance of the aircraft more interesting places meitukiss body thickness of 9.3 mm, more slim, the right side of the fuselage also designed a physical camera button, convenient self-timer. In addition, the cherry blossom pink and white colors shell and stylish design believe that we can get a lot of girls of all ages, and the back of the phone there is a heart-shaped decorative texture, rich and warm, romantic atmosphere.
HD Self-phone is now suddenly fire up in the upcoming "Self-phone battle, MeituKiss before step ahead, by virtue of the impressive strength of the hardware and software has been known by many users, plus Mito Xiu Xiu software and other aspects of promotion, not well-known immune, and the final score will be how to sample the evening there will be answers.

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