Monday, May 20, 2013

Konka V981 Shots exposure

 Konka V981 Shots exposure
  The KONKA Mobile recently launched flagship model named Van Gogh phone from the official conference is also just one day, the name with a strong artistic Van Gogh phone said to bring many new experience. However, in addition to the Van Gogh phone a few days ago there is a Konka new machine has been exposed, reportedly also has a high-definition big screen and quad-core processors, this new machine model Konka V981 spy exposure.

康佳V981 1
 Konka V981 Photo 

   Judging from the real machine diagram, this phone and handed out in February with AMOLED screen Konka new machine is somewhat similar, both with the entity HOME key, and the appearance is similar, should be part of the same model, and then take a closer look recently surfaced the Van Gogh phone spy, appearance is also similar to the number of changes in the side of the border design, sleek the Van Gogh phone Konka V981 is likely that is to be released.

   Hardware specifications, the message is displayed Konka V981 quad-core processor, 4.5-inch screen, and tens of millions of pixel high-definition camera equipped, the overall configuration will be higher than the past, Konka smart phones. Van Gogh phone conference soon to V981 is not the legendary Van Gogh phone will soon have an answer.
康佳V981 2
康佳V981 3

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