Sunday, May 26, 2013

Built-in mirror CAM,DOOV S1 is upcoming

Built-in mirror CAM,DOOV S1 is upcoming
From a functional machine era, DOOV mobile phone has been focused on the development of women, with the rise of self-wind, DOOV phone unveiled a flagship Self-portrait of the quad-core smartphone, dubbed DOOV ispuer s1 models equipped DOOV own mirror CAM, and equipped with self-definition front camera, also is designed for female users to create the product. DOOV S1 is now officially listed for sale, the official price of 1,698 yuan, while in Jingdong Mall, is only 1,668 yuan.
   In appearance DOOV S1 still has some merit, the aircraft combines two styles in bold and gentle one, S1 adopt Founder tough appearance, smooth body lines and powerful and rich colors has increased by The aircraft's fashion sense, there are flying red, blue, and ultimate style white and other colorful colors to choose from, these beautiful colors for female users is undoubtedly more attractive. S1 also control the thickness of the body properly, the body as thin 8.8 mm, can be considered slim smartphone.
  Proud of the camera, the duo CD with a pre-S1 of 500 self-megapixel camera, support for FF fixed focus feature. Another machine is equipped with a mirror CAM DOOV beauty features, support for beauty mirror, intelligent identification, V gesture somatosensory enhanced features such as camera and luminous, beauty mirror can be skin whitening, brightening eyes and other smart America skin beauty features; V gesture pictures without pressing the shutter button, you can make the phone automatically shutter V gestures take photos; rather intelligent recognition can be multiple facial recognition. In addition to high-megapixel front-facing camera, DOOV S1 is also equipped with a 800-megapixel main camera with auto focus and other features.
  Other aspects, DOOV S1 chosen as MediaTek MT6589 processor, built-in 1G RAM +4 G ROM memory, using a 4.5-inch IPS wide fit screen resolution of 960 * 540 qHD level. In addition it had run custom Android 4.2 system, the battery capacity of 1800 mA, built a series of duo CD for female customers tailored applications.
  DOOV iSuper S1 is officially known as the sixth generation of self DOOV artifact, pioneered the use of their own latest beauty technology, suitable for self-love female compatriots choice.

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