Thursday, May 16, 2013

Haier will jointly to Camera360 build self-timer handset for consumer

Haier will jointly to Camera360 build self-timer handset for consumer
Self-portrait to the phone, the woman on the phone before the launch of the smart phone for female users are no longer able to shoot a few "profile picture" so simple, with the fast development of hardware, lead the self-megapixel camera is becoming more and more frivolous front of 500 million, 800 million pixels, and the beauty technology is endless. The self beauty phone boom repeatedly warming the OPPO, HKIE and DOOV manufacturers and other mobile phone manufacturers have launched their own Self-portrait phone and meitu Xiu Xiu into the mobile phone industry launched of Dual 800 million-pixel camera meitukiss phone has also recently Posted undoubtedly have taken a fancy huge potential market of female users.
  And apparently self-timer mobile teams and more than brand products, Haier mobile phone official said, Haier will be teamed well-known camera application "Camera360" (fruit products Technology) launched a higher pixel Self-portrait smart phone, and may in the May press conference.

   The two join forces to create the self-timer the phone will Mito MeituKiss of the same made by the mobile phone manufacturers and OEM sales, the Haier will provide part of the mobile phone hardware support, and beauty technology by Camera360 responsible for. On the part of the phone's camera hardware Haier Mobile has revealed that this phone Mito Xiu Xiu front camera cell phones reached 800 million pixels, and the rear main camera pixels 13 million pixels, and Haier phone called "the world's first pre-Voice 800-megapixel" "Self-artifact" Xiangxi It remains to be disclosed.
  Another coincidence is that the network the Haier phone's a model for the new Haier W919 machine, the machine is equipped with 5.7 inch giant screen and 1.2GHz quad-core processor, up to 13 million pixels main camera, this new machine not possible between the launch of the new self-timer handset "? In addition, the voice front camera can be considered the new stuff, will bring a different experience yet to be officially announced.

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