Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dream butterfly Coolgen E71 HD smartphone evaluation

With the growing popularity of smart machines, the pursuit of the people on the phone's performance is also rising, the phone screen from 3.5 inches rising, we can say that 2013 is a quad-core mobile phone was also a large-screen phone years, you will find people around you slowly began to use more and more large-screen mobile phone. Between performance and large-screen, you will be how to choose? Here such a questionnaire given Dream butterfly Coolgen E71 HD: it is equipped with 5.0-inch IPS HD bright screen, 1.2GHz MT6589 quad-core processor, resolution up to 1280 x 720 support TD-SCDMA/GSM dual card dual standby. Here we take a detailed evaluation on the phone.
Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 1
First, we first look at this Coolgen dream butterfly E71 HD main parameters
Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 2
First, the design
Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 4▲ accessories in addition to the box, two lithium batteries, a charging head, a data cable, a headset, manual, warranty card, is also equipped with a genuine leather.
Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 5
▲ dream butterfly Coolgen E71 andriod display of 5.0 inches, may we all be this size of 5.0 inches to the scare, the actual small series of hand is not very large, one-hand operation is convenience. This size can be regarded as one of the most appropriate size, of course,it is your choice. Body thickness of only 9.5 mm, not too thin, but enough space to let the machine heat better. Unpacking the box, the eye is the eye-catching G3 flag, of course, this is just a factory film only, but also stressed that the identity of the TD quad-core smart machines. From the front, the dream butterfly E71 HD is narrow frame design, very good grip feeling. The body corners slightly rounded, with silver metal frame, the appearance of a blend of design style of the Apple iPhone and Samsung i9100 As for the good or bad, I believe that I should not say.
Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 6
▲ dream butterfly E71 HD screen resolution of 1280 x 720, plus the 5.0-inch IPS HD screen material to make it very well in the screen display delicate.
Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 7

▲ above the front side with a distance / light sensor, earpiece and 300 million high-definition front camera. Fengyun 3 million front camera self-timer can basically meet the demand.

▲ bottom of the screen there is a physical buttons on both sides of the touch buttons. From left to right menu Home key and back key. On both sides of the touch buttons when not in use will be hidden inside the front panel, two touch buttons will wake up the screen lights up.

▲ The phone has two colors are pure white and titanium gray-blue, titanium gray-blue, this is the same and Samsung drawing process, anyway, no matter what color, I believe that you can not help heart. The phone will give priority listed in the physical channels, that time may wish to know.

▲ dream butterfly coolgen E71 andriod HD is equipped with a 800 million pixel high-definition camera, the left side of the lens is the flash, day-to-day can act as a flashlight. The bottom left of the loud speaker, which is covered with a protective metal mesh dust treatment. After the lower part of the shell, English Coolgen LOGO.
Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 8
▲The top of the dream butterfly E71 HD is a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. The middle of the bottom of the micro usb interface and mic port. The left side of the phone naked and did not have any key. The volume keys and power button are designed in the right side of the phone, there is a used to open the bottom of the groove of the shell.
Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 11

▲ dream butterfly E71 HD is a dual card dual standby, support TD-SCDMA and GSM. In addition, maximum support 32GB TF memory card. The 2700mah Battery capacity sufficient to ensure that the long period of use. The network standard battery compartment better able to explain this phone is a regular mobile phone through the network check.
Second, the system interface
Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 13

Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 14

Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 15
▲ Now let us take a look the dream butterfly E71HD the system interface and application performance. The dream butterfly E71HD equipped with the latest version of Android 4.2.1 system. The overall UI style maintained a Google native jelly bean style icon, this should be very time those native control friend.

Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 16

▲ Long press to enter run the service interface, where you can drag turn off background programs, very convenient. The entire system remains the native pure style, but caring for well-built several commonly used software, such as QQ, telephone call, palm reading, application market, Flying Fish Game Download Center Youyun voice assistant. And not too much integration with other third-party software, allowing users to have more option.

▲ thanks to the 5-inch 720x1280 resolution screen, Internet browser, the comfort is very high, but the video does not need to install third-party support plug-in to play.

Hardware and performance
MT6589 quad-core smart machine system-on-chip (SoC), MediaTek was released in December 2012 the world's first commercial production using 28nm process, MediaTek highly integrated state-of-the-art multi-mode UMTS Rel. 8/HSPA + / TD-SCDMA modem (modem), ARM's latest ultra-low-power quad-core processor, the Cortex-A7, and Imagination Technologies PowerVR Series 5XT graphics processor (GPU), excellent system optimized to achieve the perfect balance of performance and power, significantly increasing user experience.
    The evaluation of the protagonist - a dream butterfly E71 HD also uses the MediaTek MT6589 quad-core processor, clocked to 1.2GHz, 1GB RAM +4 GB ROM memory combination, for 1280 x 720 resolution. Support 5-point multi-touch.

▲ speak louder than words, let's look at how this dream butterfly E71 HD running? ! Mainstream MT6589 quad-core phone in more than 13,000 points. Individual phone systems due to the optimization problem, scores kept some differences.
Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 17

▲ We use the official website to download the latest version of security Bunny and eventually ran into 13198 points, a fraction of mainstream quad-core phone inside or very awesome!
Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 18
Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 19
▲ believe that ordinary people will not have this phone performance thanks to awareness, so here borrowed 360 run sub-king, to illustrate the configuration of the phone-leading 96.7% of the country, then right several hot performance of the machine In contrast, here you can see, the performance is not worse than the foreign brands.

, Audio-visual and entertainment
Video playback, dream butterfly E71 HD can play 1080P HD video as drag, very smooth during playback. Of course, the best video resolution is still the 720P source of the film, and download also convenient.
Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 20
▲ bird t-PSY 1080P video capture
    Dream butterfly E71 HD games, this is no doubt the. Such as Need for Speed, modern warfare 4, the extraordinary Spider-Man, Wild blood the mainstream big game support is no pressure. Of course, the premise is the Texas Instruments packet, and built-in Google services component.
Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 21
▲ Need for Speed ​​14 screenshots
   Camera, dream butterfly E71 HD is equipped with a 800-megapixel main camera with LED flash, panorama shooting, support HDR mode.
Take a look at the photo proofs overcast skies.
Coolgen梦蝴蝶E71 HD 22
▲ photographic effect is good, but due to the rainy days, and of the sample does not reflect the effect of the camera.

V. Review summary:
Dream butterfly E71 HD overall appearance of the process is good, comes with a holster is also very popular among the practice. The hardware of the machine can be said that the mainstream configuration of the mobile phone market. The more important point is that it is a TD network standard dual card dual standby quad-core smartphone. Interested friends may wish to look. Source: unlockedphoneandroid


  1. I bought one and it was a mistake, even thought it looks really nice, it has some major drawbacks:
    - Do not have Google Apps, no chance (yet) to use you Google account and sync contacts, calendars (only mails through imap/pop). No Google Play
    - The GPS do not work
    - I haven't been able to root it (tried several methods yet unsuccesful)

    The worst problem for me (in Mexico) is that it simply do not work with local phone frequencies, should've work GSM 900 or 1900 but they don't.

  2. I have also bought one and its was a BIG, BIG mistake ! do not touch this phone and dont buy it. the screen got problem one day after i bought it and the company do not response to my mails !!! no service.
    CHINESE product that says it all.