Monday, April 15, 2013

Ali cloud goes hand in hand Amoi N880 to create the most stylish quad-core phone

With the further popularization of 3G networks, smart phones in the market has been gaining popularity. From highbrow to the public favorite, development of cheapest android phone, but only a few years time. In recent years, another hot topic of mobile smart market cloud services, this cloud services, the biggest feature is it must depend on the scalability advantages of smart phones or smart systems, while ensuring always-on. Only in this way, the cloud service to be able to play its true role.
   Smart and always on, seems to be a contradiction combination. The limitations of battery technology, let us always-difficult to maintain. This problem each vendor has its own solution, but old mobile phone manufacturer Amoi, places N880 this phone, to hand over a lot of people are satisfied with the answer.
Cloud OS2.0: permanent synchronization of personal information online at any time
   Amoi N880 feel very easily, gum of high-density housing is not only scratch resistant but also enhance the comfortable feel, the matte surface of the housing so that even the case of wet hands to grasp very comfortable. But is the thickness of only a box of chewing gum thick, light weight mobile phone, but it can the capacity of a computer. The secret lies in its core - Ali cloud OS. The other smartphones secretive, Amoi N880 directly powered by the Ali cloud OS system, which is the latest version 2.0, referred to as cloud OS2.0.
   The most important feature of this set of cloud OS2.0 is able to maintain online at any time. Only requires the user to first register or login account of the cloud OS, will be able to enjoy a series of cloud services. Such as synchronize contacts, SMS, call records and even photos, almost no human intervention, they can permanently synchronize with the server. This allows backup and synchronization, better integrated together. Experience, we found Amoi N880’s  the entire synchronization, very simple. The whole "sync" functions are concentrated in a single interface, a key can be achieved almost full synchronization. We also found that the cloud sync Another benefit is that using Amoi N880 trouble to retrieve these data do not have to worry about the phone is lost.

   At the same time, the system also integrates security features, traffic control and other functions. Readily available tools integration, so that we can view the traffic consumed by each application. Once there is "excessive", it will alarm automatically. This system-level management software compared to other third-party developers of security software to protect the privacy of users and traffic. Its optimized flow itself will not "sneak" because the bottom of the system, so it should be more reliable system-level applications. In tests, we earnestly feel that difference.

   If you like, I like online shopping or often use Paypal and customer transactions, the N880 cheap android phones equipped cloud OS2.0 system may help you greatly. Experience, we found that due to the cloud the OS2.0 system and Alipay seamless connectivity. We do not need to install additional software we are able Taobao and Alipay secure payment operations. From the level of system-level and also to ensure that the shopping, payment, and other transactional experience consistency. Interestingly, this cloud OS2.0 system also changed the 1.0 system is too "Taobao" problem, allowing users to a superior user experience, and not fall into the entire page Taobao business advertising " feelings.
Dual power technology, AUDITEC Capacity: super endurance
   Has been online system, naturally the biggest problem is the battery life. In the case of battery technology is not rapid, only by way of system software and hardware to optimize and increase the battery capacity to increase the standby time. In order to ensure Amoi N880 cloud OS to be durable for customer service, in particular the use of some high-end vehicles have power design concept. Its main technical core of creative drastic improvements to the system power supply module, dual power technology to keep the phone at any time online.
   In tests, we also found that the capacity of the battery Amoi generous 4140mAh large capacity battery for the first time ever for users to choose. Such capacity may in "mild use" when using the week can also be used, while in the case of "severe" about 2 days. Long standby time on a business trip or travel, reducing many without electricity rechargeable trouble.
"Super quad-core single core up to 1.2GHz
   The performance and power consumption of smart phones has always been difficult to reconcile. Amoi N880 To solve this problem, specially MT6589 use connected MTK development solutions. It has quad-core core and 28nm manufacturing process, each core has a maximum operating frequency of 1.2GHz, both to ensure excellent performance experience, but also largely take care of the power consumption of the machine, make the phone more Province electricity.
   It can be found a wonderful balance point, the handset in terms of performance and battery life. The one hand, large capacity battery; the other hand, low-power quad-core processor. Bearing that in mind, let N880 standby time and performance have reached a higher level.
Luxury configuration: dual card dual standby, IPS's 5-inch screen
   It is also because of this, Amoi have the guts to use on the N880 better other configuration. 720p IPS screen size of 5.0 inches, and support for 5-point touch. If there is no strong endurance as a guarantee, the big screen will be a nightmare for small batteries.
   In addition, other configuration of the N880 is also very well, GSM and HSPA + dual card dual standby, allowing users to experience the highest speed and best network signal, for example, Chinese mobile network phone, China Unicom Network Internet. And the configuration of 8 megapixel rear camera + a 3-megapixel front camera is well-balanced, travel to play either shooting or self-timer made to it, are very well qualified.
   That do not have perfect things in this world, mobile phones as well. Manufacturers from design to production and close to perfect, N880 this phone cloud OS phone is starting from a balanced perspective in the design, so the whole configuration is hardly flawed. Better screen there is a good screen to the big battery there is a large battery, dual card dual standby there is a dual card dual standby. Cloud OS, Amoi N880 also has a very good performance. So to speak, if you are looking for a stable and efficient smart phones, Amoi N880 cheap wifi phone may be the best choice. .

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