Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5-inch high-definition 720P quad-core phone, Bedove HY5001 phone evaluation

2013 " smartphone" fire constantly ringing, in less than six months time, the quad-core is no longer unattainable, the thousand Yuan civilians quad-core phone after another was born. Apart from China domestic first-tier manufacturers, domestic manufacturers have invested in this $200 quad-core mobile phone market. Today, we also ushered in a quad-core flagship- Bedove HY5001unlocked android phones.

Appearance of the display
    Beethoven HY5001 in the design is also more masculine, tough, atmospheric body. The prototype of this evaluation is the color scheme of black and white. For many mobile phone operators are the main push all-black, all-white body shell, something for read countless small series, no doubt in a little visual fatigue, the Bedove HY5001 color shell regardless of who shines!
    Throughout the four corners of the body design has rounded corners, so this looks a bit tough phone, gentle, most highlight of the crowning touch is the white part of the body chin, to make people feel This phone has a very strong visual impact.

  The back cover is pure white color, a more prominent place which is the rear camera than the average cell phone to highlight ,here suggest that you be sure to use the supplied holster. The back cover looks pure and printing their own logo, a little tranquil beauty.

The top front is the central metal mesh earpiece, 300-megapixel front camera, light proximity sensor on the right.

 The bottom of the front of the touch buttons are still the most traditional function keys, HOME key, return key.

 The side of the body, the body of pure white in box, from the border of the volume keys metallic luster decorative effect, visual impact. Volume key processes feel quite good.

 Power button, 3.5mm headphone jack, micro USB interface are arranged at the top of the body, recently met several models are like this design layout, anyway, their own merits.

The phone is a 800-megapixel back camera, flash is located on the right.

After the shell and printing enterprises LOGO, but it still left a line of English: first Create a smart tinmes, (here translated, so laughable). The English below are the speakers of the machine.

 Open the back cover of the phone, we can see HY5001 uses standard kcal design, and indicate clearly which one is SIM1 and SIM2, the middle is a microSD expansion card.

Speaker close-up, very aggressive.

 2500 mA for a 5-inch 720P HD screen, quad-core phone is enough to meet the daily

  Bedove HY5001best cheap android phone running native Android 4.2.1 operating system. For native system powered by Google, there is no too punctuate here to say next, Bedove HY5001 built electronic compass function, which is relatively rare in quad-core cell phones. As for the UI appearance or not, this is also a matter of opinion, worked on the following scene with everyone to see.
Camera performance
    Bedove HY5001 using the MediaTek MT6589 quad-core processor, along with 1GB of RAM and 8G ROM with electronic compass, These are the most valuable. Bedove HY5001 using the waveguide program, the whole work and system stability have great protection, this phone is more suitable for the performance enthusiast, hobby electronic compass, the hobby 5-inch 720P user groups. Interested may wish to focus this cheap cell phones for sale.

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