Thursday, April 11, 2013

Leadcore Technology LC1813 quad-core TD program chip to accelerate the arrival of $159 quad core smart phones

April 2, Leadcore technology Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of quad-core intelligent terminal SOC chip LC1813, for $159 of smart terminal market. Smart phones equipped with the chip with excellent performance, including the use of quad-core ARM Cortex A7, with ISP capacity of 13 million pixels, and supports the latest Android 4.2 operating system, is bound to accelerate a $159 full advent of the Quad core android phone e era " .
As early as last year, China Mobile proposed $159 of smart machines should have a larger screen, faster CPU, more memory, camera pixels  has higher performance. The quad-core processors will enable smart terminal in the multi-tasking, application performance fluency and other aspects have improved significantly this year ,which is the main trend of the development of smart terminal. "Said," Sun Wang, president of Leadcore technology on the market today, The quad-core chip smart, terminal is generally positioned in the high-end, the launch of the quad-core best cheap android phone chip LC1813 with high configuration and optimization of design, can help terminal manufacturers and rapid introduction of high-quality, high-performance and have competition in the selling price the product of the force .compared to the same type of chip, the joint core LC1813 focus consider how to provide customers with cost-effective, thus promoting the $159 of smartphone machines to enter the era of quad-core cheap android phones. "
The Leadcore Technology released LC1813,which based on the 40nm process,using  quad-core ARM Cortex A7 and dual-core GPU, with a powerful CPU and GPU capabilities, the use of highly integrated PMU CODEC chip, and is equipped with a high performance radio frequency chip, Compared to the previous generation smartphone chip using four sets of chip architecture, the three chip architecture that dramatically improves integration, terminal design costs to achieve better control. The LC1813 highly inherit all the software features of its star product TD dual-core chip LC1810, making the design and development of the terminal manufacturers to achieve seamless interface to enhance the efficiency of the product launch.
It is worth mentioning is that the huge boost in addition to chip architectures, LC1813 multimedia and other details of the performance is also very good, its optimized chip architecture design complement each other, using the latest Android 4.2 version of the operating system, multi-tasking and application performance smooth and excellent. Program development based on this chip, smart terminal LCD can render a maximum resolution of WXGA high-definition visual experience, 13 megapixel camera ISP ability imaging is more delicate, it also uses smile recognition, digital zoom, auto focus, macro mode, and other features, and digital cameras compare favorably; support WiFi Display, wireless high-definition video output can be synchronized to meet the home entertainment experience; dual card dual standby features, easier to achieve business and life balance. With the Leadcore technology revealed, it is expected that the chip-based smart terminal will be listed on the scale of Q3 this year.

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