Thursday, April 11, 2013

MT6589 quad-core + the Ali Cloud 2.0 powerful combination, Amoi N880 photos Evaluation

I believe we are no stranger to the Ali cloud OS, Ali cloud characteristics of functional design is still very worthy of praise. Recently, Amoi N880 unlocked phones for sale , the Ali cloud mobile phone equipped with MT6589 processor. But his configuration, we here first secrecy, anyway, the configuration is the kind of mainstream, you guess?
        Let us for everyone to share this Amoi N880 photos. Although previous exposure inside the microblogging ,Unfortunately, no one guessed it .
I  never played the Amoi big V, but can be seen from this Amoi N880 to see, the appearance inherit the design of Amoi cheap cell phones for sale.
Amoi N880 is Amoi series first no touch keys designed products, the system comes with the virtual keys, you can see the lower part is very clean.
The bottom left is microphone ,the bottom of the right side is used to pry open the back cover of the vacancies
The top of the handset close-up, using metal mesh earpiece design, very elgant, the right side of the handset  is manufacturers front camera and distance sensors
The top portion, arranged with a lot of functions, such as the power button, USB jack, 3.5mm standard headphone jack, which is very similar to Lenovo A820 ‘s design
Back of the phone and there is not much modified, there has the Amoi mobile phone logo, also marked with a Ali cloud OS logo
Back in the upper arrangements flash and camera, due to the shooting angle, the logo of the actual Amoi mobile phones is very pretty
The left side of the body arranged a volume keys, the keys feel and key-way  alslo have a good design  .
The right side of the body is clean.
The lower right corner is the speaker of the machine, nothing special decoration can be seen from Figure, which is a $159smartphone
We are back cover away, greeted by a big battery.  
Ali cloud icon shows it is a Ali cloud phone .But we believe that the technical team late will certainly produce the Google native system for everyone to play, of course, would be complete without MIUI!
 The SIM card slot is located on both sides of the camera, and marked a card slot that support 3G network
The speaker on the bottom right of the body.
The left side of the body is volume buttons  
Estimated that we would not think of TF card slot where is  below the WCDMA card brush.
The phone has been detected by the network, should the recent market promotion.
You can see that this N880 is still a work works
The whole weight is appropriate, therefore pricey handheld comfort, good grip
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